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Post Black Friday Take Outs

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Some of my clients just get marketing, they act fast and they invest and the reep the rewards, they’re not the start ups but rather the guys who’ve spent years with a hands on approach, growing their databases and investing in their marketing month after month, because ultimately you’re growing a business and building a brand, investing in marketing isn’t a waste just because the sales don’t happen immediately and they seldom ever do for startups, except for the lucky ones, (right product, right time, right audience, you know… the marketing blurb where all the stars have to align. Some of my clients did fantastically well this black friday and others didn’t, what are the differences.

When the marketing starts, the sales start in the prephase issuing a teaser sale leading up and not just marketing in the awareness phase. At least the spend is still driving sales.

A very strong VIP/ Early Access campaign – and this can hold true for any sale, people don’t want to miss out and paying for this, using FB lead gen forms, signing up to mailchimp form. Obviously this is budget dependant but I’d allocate budget for database growth outside of ROAS kpi’s.

Navigation and categorisation of products, the visible price point differences on 1 page without needing to scroll through a million products all at same price points. This is the difference between a 0.25% conversion rate and a 5% conversion rate for two different ecommerce sites.

A lot of engagement posts, different posts daily, warming up an audience almost like a count down, and yet the discount offering was not drastically different, it’s all how you package it. So use different marketing collateral and change it up, I think the key here is not to be lazy and think one set of creative and one sale at one price point with one post and one event is going to do the trick no!! And the results speak for themselves.

The one client sales dried up after 2 days and even though we had the budget available there wasn’t more that we could spend the max ROAS was 10 times, fair enough but there wasn’t scalability.

The other client is still selling black friday deals well after black friday and his sales aren’t drying up.

The mechanics and positioning of the offers of the client who’s sales aren’t drying up was experiential with no end date of the sale, one might think there is no sense of urgency, the offers changed slightly but the mechanics were different. All in all it’s the big ideas which win, and not just driving another sale to advertise.



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