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Question: Should we upskill our staff or hire a strategist?

Jul 27 ROI Comments off

Today there are many training sessions on offer on the topics of social medial and digital marketing.  Unfortunately many of these sessions do not provide practical advice on how to increase lead generation or increase ROI but instead talk about how powerful the digital space really can be.  Attending such sessions might not actually enhance your internal marketing account manager’s knowledge or skill, or be applicable to your particular business requirements.  Ultimately this could be a total waste of money.

Before making a decision to attend one of these training sessions, be mindful of what you actually require to enhance your business to bring about more sales and ultimately profit.  It is highly recommended that you study the modules on offer in the training session to see if these align with your actual business needs.

Let’s talk about an alternative option that is well worth considering before you attempt to upskill and waste your money on a training session that doesn’t actually upskill.

A powerful and often overlooked opportunity is to hire a marketing strategist.  These are highly specialised individuals who have gained specific skills in being able to identify a company’s needs in order to enhance the business turnover and profits.

Such individuals offer their time on an hourly basis, firstly spending one-on-one time with management to understand their needs and that of the business, and will be able to point the business in the right direction.  Money spent on hiring the strategist is money well spent since they focus entirely on ROI.