If you're needing help with your marketing implementation and strategy don't hesitate to call us.


Tamarin Van Reenen has over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, having worked at global agencies and on large corporate brands such as the Clicks Group, Virgin Active, and Takealot. Running her own agency; working on smaller start-ups, she understands how to leverage, scale, and grow profitability using paid media channels. She's also very concerned and aware of the urgency and lack of resources available to smaller businesses. She focused on how to grow them profitably, and how to limit waste. She's worked on this ebook over lockdown while seeing so many eCommerce start-ups emerge. The most common questions which arise are: “How do I know I'm winning at this?”, "How do I get better at this?”, “How do I earn more money and waste less?”. Tamarin decided to write this ebook to help companies realise their potential. To assist them in asking the right questions and to cross-check themselves while implementing the strategies and structures. This ebook is accessible and affordable.


If you're needing help with your marketing implementation and strategy don't hesitate to call us.

If you are running your own Facebook ads, I can almost guarantee that you are wasting money! Learn from our mistakes and switch to ROI sooner. Their service is incredible and affordable for any business size. Thanks for the great service!

Jeremy De Goede CEO, Canvas & More

We’ve been working with Tamarin at ROI Solutions since 2019 and the results speak for themselves. Proactive, detail-oriented, results-focussed, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with Tamarin. She’s insightful, experienced and fast to respond. Plus, she’s fun to work with.

Nick James Operations Manager, Bloomable

Tamarin is the most talented paid media strategist I've ever worked with. She is able to identify the right strategy right off the bat, based on her years of intense learnings as a campaign manager and paid media strategist for top brands around the world. Tamarin is a pleasure to work with!

Dylan Kohlstädt CEO & Founder, ShiftOne Digital Agency